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Relief Projects

Water Well Refugee CampFuraha Africa Relief Association (FARA) endeavours to support the needs of the communities that we partner with through established projects. We work closely with our Agent in Africa to understand local priorities and needs. The Projects we support must also align with our organization's mission and objectives. Projects we are focused on are:

210 Micro-business projects - to relieve poverty for families in need in developing nations by providing items such as farm animals, farming tools and sewing machines.

211 General Micro Business Project – FARA will decide on what specific project to support

212 Animals Business Project – such as a goat, chickens, cow, etc

213 Farm Tools business project

214 Equipment Business Project – such as a sewing machine, motor cycle, etc used to provide employment

220 Food/Clothing and Health Care Relief Projects - to relieve poverty for individuals and families in developing nations by providing food, basic necessities, and financial assistance for health care.

221 General Relief Project – FARA will decide on what specific project to support

222 COVID Relief Project – To provide relief in the way of food and basic necessities to individuals and families who are in need due to the government measures to control the COVID epidemic.

230 Advance Christian Faith - To advance Christianity through faith-based teaching, training and seminars. Through this, we endeavor to relieve poverty by providing financial assistance for transportation to attend these sessions and seminars to those in need and provide bibles to individuals and families in need.

231 General Christian Faith Projects -

Indicate the project you want to support by project number.

We rely on the ongoing interest, passion and support of our donors and partners to make these projects a reality.