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Also available as a download (complete form, "save as", then email or print and mail)

I would like to join the child sponsorship program of the Furaha Africa Relief Association.

As a sponsor my preference is to correspond with a child from one of the following countries:

Note: There may be some children in the program that no longer have a sponsor. FARA will recommend one of them to you.

Or you can pick from the children listed on the FARA website.Indicate the selected Child Number below

I understand that all my correspondence with the child will be through the FARA organization and the program’s office in Uganda. 

I am aware that the main focus of the FARA sponsorship program is on helping the child get an education by helping to pay their school fees. The program desires to support the child all the way up to and includingcollege or university or through a trade school. The monthly donation that I make to the program also helps a child to purchase school uniforms and some medical and other relief needs. 

I am aware that the FARA sponsorship program gives each child in the program annual gifts as budgeted by FARA which are included in the monthly/annual sponsorship fees. Annual support for one child is $432 or $36/month. 

More information about this program is available by sending an email to fararelief@gmail.com

"Funds designated for an approved and specified project, ministry or program will be used for that project, ministry or program. However, when any such project, ministry or program need has been adequately met, or where such project, ministry or program cannot reasonably be carried out in a timely manner, the donor agrees that such designated funds may be used as and where needed by Furaha Africa Relief Association."